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One and Two Bedroom Apartments in Roanoke, VA

One and Two Bedroom Apartments in Roanoke, VA

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, September 28, 2017

Honeywood Apartment Homes in Roanoke VAVirginia is a very popular area to visit and to live. We regularly receive accolades as a wonderful place to retire, one of the “Best States,”packed with wonderful small towns, a state where your money can go farther, and surrounded by beautiful scenery. In fact, Virginia has an excellent, mild, and four-season climate in addition to having so much to do. Roanoke is a beautiful and classy area with universities, art, history, theater, and restaurants galore. Roanoke has even been named "One of the Most Affordable Cities in Virginia." Great food at your fingertips and overflowing with charm, people from all over love their decision to move here.

If you are looking for an apartment in Roanoke, VA look no further than Honeywood. These apartment homes have a community environment and exclusive amenities. There are two styles of one and two bedroom apartments with luxury community amenities as well.

Honeywood is in the heart of Roanoke’s historic, retail, and business community. Get a taste of this great town with small-city living and a built-in community too. This is a distinctive apartment community environment made for those seeking apartment amenities, spacious and inviting floor plans, and the dedication of a committed management team.

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Free Things to Do in Roanoke, VA

Free Things to Do in Roanoke, VA

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Honeywood, Roanoke, VAAre you new to the area? Those who live in our apartments in Roanoke, VA are always looking for things to do on a budget and this blog can help you plan a fun Blue Ridge Day without having to spend a dime.

Whether playing by yourself or with friends, you can take advantage of some of the great free things to do in the Roanoke Valley.

You can't put a price tag on the views of Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains and you will be surprised at everything else you can also do.


There's no cost to enjoy many of the great outdoor experiences in Virginia's Blue Ridge, including hundreds of miles of easily accessible trails for hiking, biking, and paddling.

Blue Ridge Parkway

A visit to Virginia's Blue Ridge is not complete without spending some time on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The majestic road runs right through the Roanoke Valley and has earned the title of "America's Favorite Drive."

There are multiple access points for the Parkway around the valley, including an intersection near the Roanoke Star atop Mill Mountain. The Parkway is open year-round but is occasionally closed due to inclement weather.

Disc Golf

The Roanoke Valley in Virginia's Blue Ridge is fortunate to have a variety of disc golf courses and a Disc Golf community that can provide more information about disc golf events in the area. In the City of Roanoke, disc golfers can enjoy the challenging nine hole course at Fishburn Park, which is located near Virginia Western Community College, and the course at Highland Park.

Botetourt County features the amazing Greenfield Disc Golf Course, recently named one of the Top 20 disc golf courses in the world!

In Roanoke County, take on the hills and slopes of the course at Walrond Park.

And in Franklin County, golfers can attempt to master the 18 holes that wind through the woods at the Franklin County Recreation Park.


Different organizations have created the Downtown Roanoke Geocaching Trail. This exciting activity provides you the opportunity to explore Downtown Roanoke and discover some of the rich history and culture of the area.

Hiking Trails - including McAfee Knob & the Appalachian Trail

Virginia's Blue Ridge is meant to be explored and our trails provide you an experience in your own mountain playground. The Roanoke Valley offers numerous hiking trails, ranging in levels of difficulty and lengths.

One of the most popular trails in the area is the 8.8-mile round-trip hike to McAfee Knob, part of the Appalachian Trail. The views from McAfee Knob are unforgettable but difficult to describe, which is one of the reasons it is the most photographed spot on the Appalachian Trail.

Roanoke Star & Overlook

Enjoy a little stargazing when you visit Virginia's Blue Ridge by making your way up to the Roanoke Star, the world's largest freestanding man-made star. The star, which sits atop Mill Mountain, is illuminated at night and the overlook provides a breathtaking view of the Roanoke Valley and surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains.

Roanoke Valley Greenways

With over 30 miles of greenways in the Roanoke Valley, this provides a great opportunity to enjoy some of the natural beauty of Virginia's Blue Ridge.

The Greenways can serve as a historic tour, with many of them weaving through some of Roanoke's most historic and charming neighborhoods. The Greenways, which are paved, are commonly used for biking, jogging, walking, and leashed pets are allowed.

Some of the most popular greenways include: Roanoke River Greenway, Mill Mountain Greenway, and Lick Run Greenway.



Millennials Are Renting For Different Reasons

Millennials Are Renting For Different Reasons

Joseph Coupal - Friday, September 08, 2017

Honeywood, Roanoke, VAMillennials aren't buying homes at the same rate as previous generations, and homeownership rates for those under 35 have steadily declined since the early 2000s.

One reason for this shift: Young people today have different priorities.

According to a recent survey, 47 percent of young people between the ages of 18 and 34 would rather spend their money on traveling than buying a house. This holds true to an opinion millennial consumers have expressed for years: Experiences matter more than things.

A 2014 Eventbrite poll found that 78 percent of millennials would choose to spend money on a desirable event over a desirable purchase and 55 percent said that they're spending more on experiences than they ever have.

Millennials aren't spending our money on cars, TVs and watches. They are renting scooters and touring Vietnam, rocking out at music festivals, or hiking Machu Picchu.

Young people also prioritize small luxuries, such as restaurant meals, daily Starbucks runs and avocado toast. Forty-seven percent of respondents ages 18 to 34 said they'd prefer to rent over buy if it meant they could still afford such indulgences.

But although finances alone aren't the only thing holding young people back from home ownership, cost remains a major factor in whether or not they choose to buy.

Home prices keep rising while wages have remained largely flat. So, recent data from Apartment List shows, although 80 percent of millennials would like to purchase real estate at some point, very few young people are in a good position to buy.

While an indulgent vacation may set a millennial back a few thousand dollars, the cost of owning a house is vastly higher. A 20 percent down payment on a $200,000 home would cost $40,000 alone, before closing costs, maintenance and other the other expensive elements of home ownership even come into play.

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Honeywood Apartment Homes

3101-H Honeywood Lane, Roanoke, VA 24018

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