Hurricane Florence Will Impact Roanoke as Early as Friday

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Florence is getting larger and getting closer to the coast. Virginia will see the first signs of the storm with high wispy clouds Thursday. Scattered shower and storm chances increase Friday afternoon and Saturday as the outer bands move in.

The flash flood threat locally is still present, increasing Sunday and Monday.

Friday – Saturday

  • Outer rain bands from Florence. Very heavy rain within these bands.
  • 1-2" of Rain possible, isolated higher in stronger storms.
  • Isolated flash flooding possible, especially in areas that have seen heavy rain lately
  • Wind gusts 35-45 mph

Sunday – Tuesday

  • Remnants of Florence.
  • Heavy rain possible.
  • 2-4" of rain possible for most areas. Isolated higher.
  • 4-8 inches possible in the Mountain Empire, I-77 corridor . Isolated higher.

As mentioned Tuesday, the widespread catastrophic flooding (20+ inches of rain) will stay to our south, but significant flash flooding is possible locally, especially Sunday and Monday as the tropical moisture from Florence moves north.

We urge everyone in our apartments in Roanoke, VA to be careful and stay safe.



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