Tips for Living with a Roommate

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Sharing your space with someone else has a number of benefits and challenges. Choosing to live with a roommate can help you save money and create a support system. Alternatively, roommates must work totgether to ensure a living situation is suitable for both of them.

Whether you’re living in an apartment with a roommate for the first time or have spent years with roommates, the keys to creating a great roommate relationship revolve around respect and trust. We’re here to help! Based on many years of experience and witnessing countless roommate scenarios, our team has put together our top tips for living with a roomate.  

Be Courteous: As with many things in life, living with someone else comes is all about everyone following the Golden Rule. Simply put, treat others as you want to be treated. Be respectful and courteous. The vast majority of roommate disputes can be resolved by taking into account this advice.

Keep Communication Open

The key rule of setting boundaries and ground rules early is crucial. So is keeping the lines of communication open. If something bothers you or is cause for concern, say something. Don’t keep it bottled up or else your frustration will continue to build. Unless you and your roommate have very different schedules, avoid leaving written notes. A face-to-face conversation is often the easiest and best way to quickly resolve any issues.

Exchange Emergency Info

As roommates, you’re likely to look out for one another. Make sure your roommate has your contact information in case they need to reach you. Just as important, share emergency contact information. This great tip from Buzzfeed is often overlooked, but important.

Create a Cleaning Plan

Chores can always be a point of contention and many roommates have had arguments over the dreaded chore wheel! The best solution is to discuss chore responsibilities up front. However, you divide and conquer, it’s important that everyone agrees. A good reminder from Refinery29: remember that how someone approaches cleaning is more about them and not intended to as any disrespect to you.

Talk about Finances

One of the many benefits of sharing an apartment with a roommate is that you can save a lot of money. Even if you both are dividing the rent equally, you still need to talk about how you’ll split the cost for various items from cable to internet to apartment supplies. Apartment Therapy has some helpful tips to make this conversation as productive as possible. 

At Honeywood, we believe it’s how you live that matters. That’s why we like to share tips and recommendations to help ensure your roommate experience is positive. It’s important that your home is a place you can relax and feel comfortable.

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