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We asked and you responded. Thanks for all the great feedback!

"My request was not an emergency and we left a message on the voicemail at the office but our service was completed and the maintenance staff always takes great care of us. Thank you all for all you do to make our apartment community great!"

"I rarely need service but when I do they always fix whatever I need completely with no delay."

"Good work and it was done fast thank you"

"Tom was great and did a fantastic job. He was professional, polite and made sure everything was completed to my satisfaction. Could not have been better."

"Excellent attention and service. Thanks very much Sherri for all your good diligence over my apartment process. A+ service"

"Sherri bring me an excellent and 1st order quality service since I come to see the apartments development. She follow up quickly my questions and everything in the process to get my apartment. I will be recommend !00% the Honeywood Apt. office services."

"Scottie, Mike, and Tom did a great job replacing our toilet and vanity all within a timely manner!"

"Hello, my name is Emmanuel K. and I recently moved into Honeywood Apartments from Baltimore, Maryland. Throughout my months of apartment searching, Ms. Sherri Greene has been beyond excellent. Her patience and eagerness to help me find a home is highly worth mentioning. In the past month, Ms. Greene provided me multiple options and tailored them to my needs. I am very pleased with her performance and am excited about my stay here at Honeywood Apartment. Thank you for having her be a part of the Honeywood community. I couldn't ask for a better Leasing Consultant. "

"Mike was very professional, efficient and courteous. I was completely satisfied and pleased with his service."

"Great job"

"They were quick and amazing service."

"Thanks to Scottie for replacing our mailbox lock. You all take great care of us and we appreciate you all very much."

"Maintenance service team did a great job changing our AC."

"Scottie is a professional and competent service technician. I truly appreciate his handiwork."

"I believe the survey card says Bryan. I hope that’s correct, just wanted to say thank you for taking care of us always."

"Quick response as always - good job"

"I waited until after the snow the day before to call in the service request. They notified me within 30 minutes of the office opening that my request would be taken care of that day. Scottie was awesome in unjamming the garbage disposal. I think his total time was about 5 minutes from start to finish. I am always thankful for the quick response and professionalism of the Honeywood Team!"

"fast service as always"

"fast response as always excellent service"

"Thanks to Bryan for getting our heat working in this cold weather! "

"Excellent work. My kitchen disposer is in excellent working condition. "

"The work order was placed about 9:30 for minor repairs. It was completed at 10:20 by Bryan. He was very pleasant and knew what he was doing. The service here is always first class and the entire propery is always maintained very well. We are proud to say We live at Honeywood!"

"I requested the delay of service because I had a meeting come up on the day it was to be done. PS I have always been satisfied with every service requested. The service personal have been professional, courteous, competent, and left the apartment neat after their work."

"very quick response to request as always"

"main request was taken care of in less than 2 hours - great service"

"Bryan and Mike were great. They had to come by a few times to ensure my issue was fixed but they were very nice about it. They even put up with my dog barking at them anytime she got away from me."

"Scottie does a really good job."

"Good quick service as usual "

"Thank you Scottie for the hard work you did putting in our new toilet! You did a great job as always and fixed the whole problem we had been experiencing. Also, thank you management for always responding to our needs and helping us and my parents out so much!"

"I had a issue with heat on Sat. morning. Beth Early was there in 20 minutes, explained the problem and promptly solved the problem. I was very pleased with her response and service."

"Bryan was at my apartment within 30 minutes, changed out the garbage disposal unit and was gone in less than an hour. He was professional, knew exactly how to get the job done and left everything clean and in order! I appreciate his attitude, professionalism, and knowledge of how to accomplish the work quickly and neatly."

"Very prompt service. Thank you "

"Scottie and Josh were very well organized, professional, and personable. They rounded up the things needed to replace the microwave and install a much needed safety bar in the bathroom and wasted no time in installing it professionally, working quickly to complete the job. They were careful and left the area they worked in neat and clean. My wife will feel more secure with the safety bar since she recently broke her hip and had a full replacement."

"Work was performed quickly and scottie mike and josh were on top of everything. they didn't complain about anything and were nothing but professional."

"Scottie came within two hours. He knew what the problem was and came prepared to take care of it. We love living at Honeywood!"

"The servicemen,Scottie & Josh did an excellent job!!"

"Excellent work done. Done in a timely manner and very much appreciated. "

"The Service Team Member was very kind and did a great job helping me. He was able to answer all of my questions."

"Stewart was so nice and replaced the alarm quickly! : )"

"Great team. Many thanks to Scottie, Mike and supervisor!"

"Tony was very prompt and thorough. His follow through was great indeed!"

"After I moved in, I had several minor issues that needed to be checked out. The first time Scottie, Bryan and Josh came out. Scottie even called to make sure he could give my dog a treat since she seemed anxious! The second time Scottie and Mike came out, and while I probably could have fixed these issues myself (with some guidance), they made sure I was truly living a maintenance free lifestyle. Thanks Honeywood team for being so wonderful!"

"Excellent job Scottie!!"

"As usual, Bryan and Mike were timely, pleasant, and completed the job. Thank you"

"Scottie does excellent work! "

"Scottie did a great job fixing the old, loud bathroom fan that had stopped moving air. He got right to work, cleaned up and left me with a nice, much quieter working exhaust fan. Thank you very much !"

"Thank you for everything you all do for us."

"Scottie did a great job as usual and fixed everything perfectly!"

"Thank you for prompt attention. "

"Thank you to Scottie for the prompt repair of our garbage disposal. The maintenance staff always takes great care of us. Thank you again for all you do. We appreciate you."

"This wasn't the easiest thing to fix but Donnie and Scottie were determined and kept at it relentlessly. That's the caliber of your staff and the high standards they adhere too. I'm so grateful of that fact and that my home is here at Honeywood. Awesome Sauce job guys!! You rule :)"

"great service - quick response"

"Stuart Katz was a friendly and accommodating service repairman. He did a great job!"

"Great work by Scottie, Bryan and Josh. They were extremely competent and helpful, fixing my problems perfectly. I can always count on Honeywood to do things right, and quickly."

"Fast response as always"

"Service Repair was Good !! A++"

"Scotty and Mike did an excellent job, as always, and fixed the problem! Thank you!"

"Perfection as always!! Had 2 little issues and both were taken care of quickly. Another 100% A+ rating from me. Your staff is the best!!!!!"

"Yet another reason why I continue to choose Honeywood Apartment Homes as my home. It was just a small request to R / R the, "burning - out", fluorescent light tube over the Kitchen sink. Dianna took my call at 12:55 pm today, I left to run errands, returned home at 2:50 pm and the job was DONE ! Thanks Dianna & Scottie...I really appreciate that today, Sincerely, Will Toms 3116 - A Honeywood Lane (...going into my 4th year here. Keep up the excellent work ! Thanks again. )"

"Didn't answer the first two questions because the service call was set up for a particular day for my convenience. Everything went perfectly."

"Scottie was very helpful. He got the heat working again. Nice guy. Thanks"

"Excellent service."

"The two men that came in quickly installed my new thermostat perfectly. They were polite and got it done very quick and were prompt in timing from the time I put in the request."

"Once again the Honeywood maintenance team gets well deserved kudos from me for fast, competent service.This latest request was submitted online by me @ 0730 am I the went out to breakfast and to do a few errands returning @ 1030 am to find the requested repair completed by the team of Bryan and Mike, The maintenance card detailed what was done for my info. My Thanks for the prompt attention to my request. "

"The service technicians actually had to come to the apartment twice today and we were satisfied with both services. Thank you!!!!"

"Once again, your maintenance technician (Scottie) went above and beyond. Thank you."

"Scottie knocked on the door this morning to inform me of a water leak. He looked under the dishwasher first and while he was under there fixed another issue. The bottom of the dishwasher was tilted and the bottom was sticking out to far. He went out of his way to fix this for me. The leak turned out to be the ac unit, there was a blockage and he blew it out. Scottie is very knowledgeably, friendly and I trust in his ability. I look forward to a long stay at Honeywood."

"Once again, Michele and her Team prove they are Tops in their field ! Tim took my call, about my concern about my apartments' refrigerator making new, very loud noises, he expressed sincere concern, told me he would put it on the Maintenance Team's schedule right away for Priority attention. Scottie, and Josh, came today, immediately recognized the unit needed to be replaced (it was still cooling fine, but was not going to for very much longer!), Michele authorized an immediate replacement, and, within the hour, I had a nice, replacement refrigerator, freshly cleaned, by the nice Ladies on "the Team, THANK YOU Ladies!,and I am very happy, again, that I live in one of Roanoke's Finest Apartment communities, H.H.Hunts' "Honeywood Apartments". Thank you ALL!"

"Breakfast for dinner social. Very nice excellent delicious. We really enjoy socializing with everyone."

"I love this place. Been here for 6 years. The office staff, maintenance guys, are amazing. They have monthly social events which are awesome. Great for getting the residence together. Great atmosphere."

"Scotty did an excellent job painting our ceiling and he always does great work here"

"We couldn't be happier for choosing Honeywood Apartments. Any maintenance issues that we have had were taken care of immediately. The upkeep on the outside of the apartments is great, the stairways are power washed, swept clean of leaves, etc. The landscaping is always lovely no matter what the season."

"Yet again, another satisfied resident report that my service request, for the repair of some deteriorating caulking around my bathtub and some cosmetic painting around that area, was promptly processed, maintenance technicians ( Scottie & Mike ) were dispatched at an appointed time and the request was fulfilled. It doesn't get any better than that. Again, Thank you to the Front Office team, and Special kudos to Scottie, & Mike, for their prompt, courteous and knowledgeable service...Thanks Guys. Other staff members not being "left out", at all, however, when I see Scottie and/or Mike coming, I know that, whatever service work is " on the agenda", it's going to be taken care of ! Keep up the good shows ! "

"The leasing office team and maintenance team are both so helpful and professional."

"From the very start of my process with Honeywood, everything has been professionally and perfectly handled. Honeywood's service from Katie went well beyond any other apartment community I toured. My family and I toured at least 5-6 places before making a decision. Tim helped me on my move-in date, and explained each thing I needed to know about my lease. I was very impressed with the detail that both associates used when explaining the leasing process with me. The exterior of the community is gorgeous. I have a beautiful cherry tree outside my patio, and I already feel right at home. The apartment, as far as cleanliness goes, could not have been any better. I am thrilled with this experience, and if anyone asks me where to rent, I will absolutely tell them that Honeywood is the place to be! My family and I are thankful for all of your attention to my needs as a new resident during a stressful moving time in my life. "

"I requested a clean, replacement window in my kitchen / dining nook area, late Friday afternoon, 4/10/15...and had one installed by Monday evening, 4/13/15 ! The older window was accumulating dirty condensation, INSIDE, the two panes, therefore, I could not clean it...not a pretty sight ! Thank you, Katie !, for understanding that I needed a new window to be able to fully enjoy the view while dining in my kitchen and for setting up a quick service date & time. Thank you, Scottie and Bryan !, for your prompt, courteous and efficient service. Yet, another reason why I continue to choose Honeywood as my Home ! Thanks, again, to EVERYONE on "The Honeywood Team""

"Bryan and Scottie were very efficient with some maintenance issues I had going on."

"Excellent maintenance service"

"I called the emergency # @ 1:26 pm yesterday, 3/14/15, to report that my oven's heating element had "fizzled" out and I was not able to use my oven. 4 minutes later, I recv'd. a return call, from Mr. Stuart Katz, who id'd himself as the on-call, emergency maintenance technician, and how could he help me. Within 1 hour, he had replaced my oven's heating element and I was able to continue with preparing for dinner that night, my parent's were coming over ! Mr. Katz was very courteous and, obviously, very knowledgeable. His phone rang, several times, while he was working in my kitchen. I could tell by his conversation(s) that they were other, maintenance calls. He was very courteous to whoever he was speaking with, explaining to them what he was doing and that he would "be there" as soon as he could and would keep them informed if there would be any delays. I commend Mr. Katz, Thank you, Sir ! I have lived here at Honeywood for almost three years. I am always pleased with the service. Thank you."

"I am impressed with the short amount of time it took for my request to be addressed, especially considering the seriousness of the issue."

"Request for service on my lock to enter my apartment was completed very quickly and it works great now. Thanks so much to the maintenance staff for there hard work and taking care of the residents. It makes living here great!"

"This was an additional, unexpected and not requested completion of the previous leak repair. This was to repaint the baseboard in the area of the leak. I was delighted that the Maintenance men came to make the job perfect."

"Mike and Bryan did an excellent job with the bath tub. The tub still drains well and water doesn't back up any more."

"We do not have email. Maintenance staff went out of their way during the snow storm to help us to get out. Office personnel are outstanding as well. Thank you!"

"Scottie installed a digital thermostat from our lease renewal. Thanks Scottie for your efficiency. The new thermostat looks great in the apartment. We appreciate all you do."

"Mr. Stuart Katz did an excellent job taking care of the foul odor that was coming thru our heating vents. Even went the extra mile to make it so that when the heat is pumping thru a nice lemony scent goes thru the apartment."

"Great service, as usual. "

"I love the monthly dinners! Staff are very friendly and maintenance is quick to fix problems!"

"Appreciate the service done and in a timely manner. Thank you."

"Prompt professional service bye Scottie, Mike and Bryan. "

"Excellent service was provided in less than 1 hour after request was put in. Very helpful and friendly servicemen...They are Awesome!"

"While we initially made the service request on a Friday night, and it not being an emergency, repair was not performed until the following Monday. We were at the apartment when the repairs were made. Scottie and Mike made the repairs efficiently and professionally, treating us courteously. THANKS!"

"I moved in during a holiday (Thanksgiving) and reps from the leasing office were still kind enough to communicate with us even though the office was closed. Move-in and lease signing went smoothly. They were very clear on what exactly needed to be done."

"Thanks to Scottie and Mike for your prompt service and repair in our apartment. We appreciate everything you do. Thank you again!!"

"Thank you Honeywood Staff for the manner on which the residents are treated.Honeywood is definitely home.We realized that, though satisfied,a larger place was needed.We moved to a larger pkace; we still miss Honeywood. Cooperate, you have outstanding leadership at HONEYWOOD. You should think about using this facility as a role model for the kind of leadership that makes a oerson want to return, if necessary. Cooperate, ask the question " What really makes this facility so special" Thank you again for making me feel at home when I really needed it!!!!! "

"Very nice Thanksgiving dinner, in the clubhouse, this past Sunday afternoon !,(11-23-14). Very nice & thoughtful. Thank you to Michelle and Staff. Happy Holidays ! "

"Honeywood is a well rounded apartment complex for the residents. Honeywood is home.We had a wonderful Thanksgiving Feast on Sunday November 23,2914 at 4pm in the clubhouse.Cooperate,when I say feast thats exactly what I mean. The menumenu consisted of : turkey ham sweet potato casserole mashed potatoes stuffing gravy potato salad ham greens, greenbeans macaroni and cheese, corn pudding cranberry sauce, rolls(served warm) soft drinks,water, pecan pie pumpkin pie apple cobbler and LOTS of generosity and outstanding service from the staff. As indicated above,this event was done on a sunday evening,the property manager was right beside her staff in the kitchen serving the residents.What a leader!! I saw true teamwork. The only complaint that was voiced was that we need a larger clubhouse.Its crowded.The fellowship is important to us. We enjoy the functions given by the Honeywood staff. We love you Honeywood and thank you for truly making this facility feel like HOME!!!"

"your maintenance crew is top notch, professional, and have the teamwork attitude. thank-you Bryan & Mike? for the rapid response, as a resident I hope your management appreciates all your efforts, and thoroughness .Keep up the good work."

"Bryan and Mike were here on 7 Nov and again on 20 Nov for different reasons. On each occasion, they were professional, courteous, and able to fix the problem(s). Honeywood is fortunate to have them."

"Scottie was very professional in his work and the problem was quickly corrected."

"Scottie was wonderful. I had a couple outlets that needed checking and he replaced both of them. Trying to get everything ready for winter so this was so appreciated. Best staff here I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Just love it here!!!"

"I am new to Roanaoke having just recently relocated here form Delaware. I viewed numerous apartments during my search for living space and to be direct open and honest, I sensed from the very moment I came to Honeywood Apartments that this would be my new home. The staff here is warm, friendly, sincere and go above and beyond to make you feel so welcome and appreciated as a resident. Both the office staff and maintenance staff are the best and I would highly recommend Honeywood Apts or any HHHunt Properties to anyone looking for an awesome place to live. As my recent transition has been a bit stressful and uncertain, I wish to personally thank everyone at Honeywood for making my relocation to Roanoke a wonderful and most pleasant experience. THANKS EVERYONE. YOU ARE THE BEST."

"There are not enough superlatives to say how fabulous the entire staff is here at Honeywood and what wonderful care we receive. You call and it's taken care of immediately. Bryan was so nice!!! Not to mention the continuous maintenance you're always doing around here for us. I'm proud to call Honeywood my home sweet home. Thank you so much for all you do."

"Honeywood!! Your service and outstanding hospitality during our monthly resident social was absolutely wonderful. The food,or should I say, banquet, was unbelievable. Cooperate,I cannot begin to share with you the variety of food and beverage. We really had fun playing bingo.The parents oftheir three year old son celebrated his birthday. We sang happy birthday and he shared his cake with us. The clubhouse was full of residents. If this continues to grow- larger clubhouse maybe? So many residents made comments about how much they like it here at HONEYWOOD. Cooperate,please consider working towards having 3 bedroom apartments. Also, a resident carved a pumpkin and a beautiful wreath was displayed (made by a resident). We had so much fun!!! Thanks Honeywood for making us feel so very special."

"scottie was very helpful a couple times the week of 9/25. he's very sweet and does a good job!"

"Everyone has been so nice and helpful to me. They have helped my moving to my new apartment to be easy and enjoyable. I appreciate everyone who works here and hope they will be rewarded for their caring and hard work."

"Scott did a great job. Thank you! "

"The Residential Social was held at the Honeywood Clubhouse this evening (September 18,2014) featuring breakfast foods.This feast was absolutely incredible!The staff cooked the food and immediately served the guests.Oh by the way, this meal required a great deal of work and the resident manager was working side by side with her staff.The food was DElICIOUS! Cooperate,please take a look at this menu: Scrambled eggs Sausage gravy with biscuits Potatoes Sausage Links and bacon Various kinds of fruit Orange juice and cranberry juice Fresh coffee Toast and apple butter Plenty of hospitality We really had fun interacting with each other. I shared this event with my sister, who lives in another city.She was amazed. Honeywood is the best place to live.It feels like home. Cooperate,we really need 3 bedroom units. Please consider this. I love the atmosphere at HONEYWOOD. "

"very polite and through."

"I have no complaints. When I arrived home from work the next day the original job was completed as well as my door knob tightened, and the light bulb above my sink replaced. Great Service"

"Scottie installed a new shelf in my closet within 24 hours and even painted a water stain that I had never requested. He did a great job and I was really impressed. Thank you! (From 8/28)"

"Job well done, thanks :-)"

"Bryan was very quick and efficient in completing both my maintenance requests. Thank you!"

"Garbage disposal was fixed immediately after reporting the problem to the office. Other problems were taken care of on this visit.Scottie replaced the stopper in both sinks and checked the toilet to be sure it was flushing okay. Scottie thought he was coming for one problem and ended up with several per my request. Very pleasant and willing to make the residents comfortable. Great job Again, great leadership!!!!!!!"

"Extremely happy to move into Honeywood Apartments. Staff is great, specially Diana was very helpful ."

"August 21, 2014 ...Just enjoyed a nice, Italian dinner in the Honeywood Clubhouse...compliments of Honeywood / HHHunt...Thank you ! Michelle and staff (Amber, Dianna and Taylor) are very nice and accommodating...Thanks again !, Will and Jaxen Toms"

"I would like to thank Scottie for fixing the leak in my shower. It was leaking hot water and he fixed it perfectly. Also he came very quickly after I called in the request. Thank you Honeywood. I really love living here!"

"Everything about our new home is wonderful! From the staff to our actual living space! Love love love Honeywood!"

"Excellent staff, all the way around. A special thanks to the Head lifeguard, Taylor and all the lifeguards at the Honeywood pool. Always pleasant, friendly and cheerful; even with all the bad weather we've had this Summer."

"I was given a card, upon signing in at the pool, that asked residents to share their pool experience(s). I am always warmly greeted by the staff of Lifeguards on duty. My ID(s) are, always, checked (as are every other Resident and/or Visitors to the pool) and I am assisted with any sign-in procedure(s) or questions I might have about the pool, in particular, on any given visit to the pool. Most prominent of the staff is a very courteous and knowledgeable young man named "Taylor". However, the entire staff consistently demonstrates a quiet, but confident, aura of capability in their duties and pride in the appearance and cleanliness of the pool and pool area. That always makes me, and my young son, feel welcome, and safe, when I visit "Our" pool :) Thanks to all ! Willis (and Jaxen) Toms "

"Scottie was great. He fixed everything, and was very professional. I have no complaints =)."

"The service technicians, Scottie and Bryan answered the call immediately to repair a leakage in the bathroom. The fill valve was raised and a new diverted was installed in the tub. The work was completed in a timely manner.Excellent technicians."

"Carpets were replaced promptly. Note of slight dent in Dish Washer, no problem there. Overall, a wonderful experience!"

"Scottie and Bryan were very courteous and professional and repaired or replaced all of the things we requested on our move in inspection list."

"Been living in Honeywood for just over a week now and enjoying it so far. The amenities are great, the staff are awesome and our apartment is wonderful. A big shout out to Scottie and Bryan of the maintenance staff for helping us out with a few things today that we had identified on the move in inspection list. They were very professional and courteous."

"Service is always good. The new ice maker took about 48 hours to become fully operational, but is working just fine now. Scotty was knowledgable, efficient and had a great attitude."

"We absolutely love it here we have no complaints! It's a beautiful place to live and wonderful people that work in the office and the maintenance staff is great"

"No complaints just wanted to give the 4 technicians that did everything could to repair are A/C unit. After several parts being swapped out they ended up replacing the whole unit and now everything is nice and cool again. Thanks to Scottie, Bryan, Mike and Donnie for all the hard work."

"On Saturday night, 7-26-14 around 8:30 p.m. I noticed the sound of water dripping in the air conditioner/heater room. I called emergency maintenance and Scottie came within 30 minutes. The problem was in the apartment above me which had an air conditioner leak causing water to come into my apartment. Scottie replaced a part upstairs and the leaking stopped in my apartment, saving my carpet and a whole lot of trouble. Thank you Scottie! You did a great job."

"Scottie did a great job sealing around all openings to my apartment. Since then, I have not found any more wasps in the apartment. Thanks!"

"Well managed apt complex would like to point out that Amber is a real asset to your staff"

"The entire Staff has, always, from my initial visit and application process, to the present time, demonstrated their desire to make my living experience, here in your Honeywood community, a positive and enjoyable one. They have exceeded my hopes and expectations. It is my personal opinion that each member of the Staff, no matter what their title or duties are, always indicate their desire to please, and follow through with timely, appropriate and effective action. I would like to mention Amber Patton and Scottie Holland as especially prominent representatives of your Honeywood Team. Your entire Staff, consistently, exhibits a positive, caring attitude and sense of pride in their tasks. In my sincere opinion, they are, all, a tremendous asset to this community. I am very happy to be a part of it, Thank you ! Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go sign my 2nd lease renewal ! "

"The community activity at the clubhouse was on July 17, 2014 was quite interesting. The theme was introducing healthy foods. The various kinds of food served was delicious and the presentation of the food was beautiful. The service from the staff really made us feel special. Also, the food was delicious. We had fun playing and watching others engage in activities. One resident entered "How many times one could jump rope" This lady won!!!! She said that she hadn't jumped rope in 30yrs. How wonderful is this!!!! Several other activities were done. Honeywood encourages a wholistic view of health. Great Job!!"

"DIANA is great! We came in at the last minute to talk on a Sunday afternoon. She was so willing to help us even though she was almost off the clock! So personable and caring. Listened to what we had going on with our current housing situation and was so helpful!"

"The office responded to my call immediately.The lock on my patio door slipped accidentally locking the door.I couldn't enter my apartment I had my cell phone with me on the patio. T HELP arrived immediately to repair the lock. Mike did an excellent job. Honey YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!! "

"Scottie completed our request efficiently and fast. Thank you! "

"Scottie was awesome. Very respectful and fast at fixing the small issues that came up. Even though it was more than 24 hours before things were fixed they were not major and the service was still very fast. We appreciate it!"

"I would recommend Honeywood Lane Apt. Home to others.Its clean. Service from all is exceptional.The office staff are wonderful and very very professional. This leadership is what makes Honeywood a true home."

"I reported the problem to Amber around noon and service was performed by Scottie the same day. I'm so happy I chose Honeywood Apartments as my home away from home! What a great team!"

"Scottie was friendly and courteous during his visit to my apartment to perform requested services. He was in and out in no time at all and performed the services to my satisfaction. I'm very happy to know there are individuals here like Scottie I can depend on for service."

"Scottie was extremely helpful and very nice. I was impressed with his professionalism and would not hesitate to put in another service request."

"The maintenance team is always friendly and timely. "

"Very happy with my living arrangement. Community. is well manicured, well lit at night. Everyone I come in contact is polite and very willing to help. Calls are answered promptly, friendly. maintenance calls are take care of cheerfully, with explanations as to how to prevent issue if needed. I feel very comfortable,happy, and safe here. I have just renewed my lease this time. for 14 mos."

"Excellent job guys! Fastest crew and pleasant to be around. Thank you for doing a great job on the stove."

"Scottie and Josh made this repair and seemed to take pride in doing a good job. I appreciate that."

"Scottie & Scott did a wonderful job, were very pleasant, and even repaired a few odd things we requested on the spot."

"Had Scott and Mike come to fix my AC unit. They were very thorough, polite, and made sure to test it out before leaving. Very satisfied- thank you!"

"Amber in the office who took my service request call was very professional and explained exactly how long it would take for someone to come out and what they would do. Scottie who came to complete the repair was efficient and knew exactly what needed to be done. He was fast and the work was done in 5 minutes. Thank you Honeywood! A happy, satisfied tenant!!"

"Scottie was amazing, he was friendly and professional. He knew exactly what he was doing and was very pleasant.My maintenance request was completed the same day. I was very satisfied. Thank you!"

"Scott, Scottie and Josh did a great job! very happy with their thoroughness, quality work, and professionalism. Thank you Crew-the Leonards"

"I had called late Friday afternoon, so I wasn't sure if they would work on the weekends. However, my service request was filled early Monday morning! So even though it wasn't completed within 24 hours, I am completely happy with the maintenance service and the professionalism. Thank you!"

"Mike did a great job. The bathroom sink drains properly now. Thanks for responding so quickly, especially since I called later in the day."

"Great temporary residence. Employees were awesome to work with. I loved my stay there. Thank you."

"We had numerous needs at the time of our initial lease and the staff has been amazing in assisting us! An electrical issue was addressed by Michelle within 15 minutes. She had a service person there within the hour. Scott came, determined the need and brought Mike, an assistant with him to help. In addition, Scott summoned Donnie, the head electrician to assist with the service! They worked very hard to quickly address the issue. They were also very friendly and professional! Thank you!"

"Scottie Holland came to complete the service request. He knew exactly what was needed. I had an additional request once he was there and he went immediately to get an extra tool and completed that for me! He called me "yes mam"...was very polite! I would highly recommend his service!"

"Kudos to Office Staff-Michelle and Maintenance Staff-Josh. Snow plow had blocked me in. Michelle was so helpful in arranging for someone to dig me out and Josh did a lovely job, cleaning my space right down to the pavement. I so appreciated the help of both of these excellent people; I would still be digging without it. Thanks so much!"

"Scottie presented himself in a professional manner, quickly diagnosed the problem, and was able to make the repairs very quickly. However, I had to leave before he completed the work. Scottie left the apartment clean and locked the front door when he left. Excellent work. Thanks Scottie."

"Great service and fast And administrators more than wonderful and polite Life here is more than wonderful and safe on my children and when I find anyone looking for a place attractive advise him to take an apartment here Thank you to all the wonderful staff."

"Original problem caused by ice blockage in guttering. Left water spots on ceilings inside. Also had place in closet that needed paint. Service personnel not only took care of those issues, but painted a spot in the kitchen I hadn't had a chance to call on yet. Great initiative, guys!"

"A water pipe broke in our apartment after hours, in any of our previous apartments this would have been a major ordeal. The Honeywood maintenance and office staff were absolutely wonderful and prevented all the stress this situation could have caused. Stuart and Donnie, Pebble Creek maintenance personnel by day, responded and were on the scene within minutes. Both were incredibly efficient and courteous. Both were sure to sincerely apologize, gave an accurate estimate of how long it would take to repair, were great with our dog, and provided all-around exceptional service. Mike and Josh of HD Carpet Service were immediately called and also responded promptly and did a wonderful job of cleaning and restoring the carpets. The front office staff were equally capable, caring, and effective. This was the absolute best renting experience I have ever had, and I cannot speak highly enough of all of the staff involved. I feel so fortunate to live in the HHHunt/Honeywood community. THANK YOU!"

"Great service."

"They responded to my apartment in less than 5 minutes and had my heat fixed in less than 30. Definitely very happy and appreciative since the weather has been SO cold!"

"Scottie was very nice and did a thorough job. I felt confident that his work was the very best solution to our problem. Knowing that we have repairmen like Scottie to take care of our apartment makes us happy that we chose Honeywood."

"Scott was cordial and polite. He made me feel comfortable about the maintenance crew seeing as this was my first request for service. He should know he does a fantastic job. Thank you."

"Great service. Thank you!"

"I just signed a new 14 month lease here because I enjoy it so much. Very convenient location for me. But the main reason is the excellent customer service the residents get here. Issues are immediately addressed and acted upon. That is extremely important to me. Whether it is maintenance, neighbor issues and everything inbetween, they take it seriously and take care of it quickly. They also handle things with such pleasure and friendlessness that you just feel at home here. The only thing I don't like is the high rent here. But I am willing to continue to pay them for the above mentioned reasons. GREAT STAFF!!!!!"

"Mike did a great job of securing the noisy components. Thanks!"

"Scott did a wonderful job. He's very friendly and lets you know what's going on. Well done."

"Every time we have a maintenance issue, the crew is on top of things."

"Excellent job and worked in a timely manner to fix my heating system."

"Scott completed the repair in a professional manner and thoroughly explained what had happened to the CO detector."

"We are very happy with the maintenance service in Honeywood."

"Stuart Katz responded promptly to my call about my heat not coming on. He checked out the furnace and the thermostat and replaced my thermostat totally resolving the problem."

"Great job and thanks for fixing the door."

"The staff has always gone above and beyond to take care of my family and I!"

"Fast repair done by excellent service tech Stuart Katz"

"I was very impressed with Amber who walked us all through the application process. She was very friendly and professional."

"Always good service at Honeywood. Love living there!"

"Thanks to Scott who replaced my old jammed mailbox lock."

"Fast results; had taken care of my problem before I got home that afternoon! Thanks!!"

"The job was excellent and quick."

"The service staff here is excellent, as are all the office staff. Mike & TJ did an wonderful job although Scott is the one that usually takes care of things when something needs a little tweeking. They all handle things very quickly and always with a smile. And being able to trust the job they are doing is very comforting. I appreciate all the staff here and thank them so much for all they do!!"

"Excellent service for a new tenant. More than helpful."

"Yes,I was very pleased with the professionalism of everyone at Honeywood! Thank you!"


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